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I also think they should have real people play the practice as you would not always have someone to play with especially when you are doing HW. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I think they should allow people to chat with each other so it would not be so dull :sleepy: :sleepy:


@Kevin_Wazu Thankyou for bringing that up, that is very true becuase we are stuck in COVID-19 place right now. @system Please add a place in quizizz so people can chat.

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Um you know you cant speak to it right? Its an A.I

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More themes and when we unlock them we can keep them because when I reach a theme that I like and I don´t have anything the next day I lose it and it takes a couple days to get it back.

yep its a A.I

Anywho, you’ll have to add where we can chat with other ppl without @system watching 24/7.

yeah you can’t speak to it :rofl: