Age and time

we should do a age limite for i am thinking 8 and up
we also should put a time spand on this i think 30 seconds is a good time don’t you think… :sunglasses:


This is absolutely unacceptable. I plan on my children studying on Quizziz straight from the womb. How on THIS EARTH ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO LEARN IF THEY HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE 8 YEARS OLD TO USE QUIZZIZ??? I request that there remain no age limit. Thank you.

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You sound like a karen


@J-shak I totally agree i am 10 years old, I’m so in!!! :exploding_head: :wink: :yum: :upside_down_face:

yeah that sounds about right

Not in sorry

I’m 10 to lightskin gang