Designing your own Quizzizz Avatar!

I just wanted to add a suggestion to this discussion:
(Should Profile Pictures and Avatars Should be CUSTOMIZABLE?!)

I think that random body parts and accessories should be given as a reward for getting a certain number of points in a game or maintaining a streak of 5 days. The user will then be able to customize their avatar using these parts. (Kinda like a Bitmoji, but except you have to do work for the parts)

Do you agree?

See this for more details:

i think this would be cool

@kookie1020 , good idea! I wish this could happen.

Totally… :grin:

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You should also be able to add your own brand new ones, you know? And then post it or keep it private if you wanted. Then there would be a special tab or something that you could go to and see other people’s custom avatars, you know?