Educational support

If you add an oppurtunity to take personal reports of single or multiple tests with graphics of improvement in negative and positive levels, it will be perfect. And if you put a scheduling oppurtunity which will make the test start at a specific date and hour, that will be great too. Besides for the timing of questions, you can add 90 seconds as well for longer questions. Besides, an easy class list upload facility can make the classrooms occur easily. So we can just write the names and some special user names and possible or random passwords to enter classroom format.
I hope you help and add these soon since it will be very helpfull in this time of homeschooling of corona virus precautions.
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ok thanks you so much

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it might be helpful


yeah it is helpful for some


This would be very helpful to my friends and family.

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This is helpful for everybody around the world and especially to God


…GOD??? HUH??? What?

no but it would help