Let us to post automatically without approve

sometimes to wait moderators and staff to approve takes a long time so i wish when we send our post or topic is already there u guys agree. i that way we can comunicate and share ideas faster. if Post need approval, what if the moderators are not active like ankit, Druthi,quizmaster and others. Only shamil was mostly approving. you see!What if all the moderators and staff don’t approve our post anymore, we need to share ideas. Other than that why no of our ideas are taken to a UPDATE???like power up ideas, coins, clubs,friends and others. And what is this forum for if our ideas is not taken to a update.I realy wish our ideas are taken and post don’t need approval.Thank you. please tell your feedback here and let’s hope quizizz sees this.Bye and Don’t forget to LIKE thank you so much for u guys who reply like and view.