New power-up ideas

Reply with your ideas for new power-ups below. Make sure to include a (catchy) name, and explain what the power-up does.

Don’t forget to comment on the ideas shared by others too. Let’s get a discussion going!

UPDATE: We’ve got some great ideas and discussions going on here, keep it up! Please keep the fairness of the game in mind. While awesomely powerful power-ups sound great, they have the potential to ruin the competitive element of the game. While a bit of luck/randomness adds fun and variety, we need to make sure that a single power-up doesn’t ruin someone’s game (because that person might be you next time!)


If you get the answer right you will double all your points, but if you get it wrong you lose them all.
Call it “Super Jeopardy”


should be a power-up as a auto-win answer. no mistakes


If you get the answer right, all of your points will be doubled but if you get it wrong, you will lose them all.
Call it “Double it or Lose it”


Evolution Stone:
If you get a right answer two times in a row after not winning in four or more questions, you go to number one.


Welcome to the forum OmarNinja! Glad to see you taking part in the discussion, looking forward to see more… :+1:

Regarding your idea “Double it or Lose it”… looks like the game creators already think like you!

There are 2 similar power ups:
Double Jeopardy: Get double points for a correct answer, but -500 for incorrect.
2X: Get double points for a correct answer, no negative points for incorrect.


Welcome to the forum Devu1212, and thanks for sharing your idea about the evolution stone power up!


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a new powerup can be super freeze, this power up freezes every question so u can take your as long as u want


Maybe there should be a power-up where you can take away a few points from a person (of their choosing) and add the points to yours, if you get the answer right. If you get the answer wrong then you lose double the points, and make the person who you wanted to take the points away from theirs points. Or just lose the double points. This might make people actually want to thrive and get some answers right to sabotage their friends.
It can be called “Sabotage”.


I would like to see a power up that will get you closer to the answer, but doesn’t give you the actual answer. Like giving them a clue for the answer.


Also, maybe a power-up where you can take your points you earned when you got the question right and make someone else(maybe the person ahead of you) lose that many points. If you got the question wrong then you do not earn any points, and maybe go down a spot (or 2).


I think a new power up should be:… Skip it. it allows you to skip that question but brings it back for the last question on the quiz


It would be good if you add a power up called “Time Manipulator”. The power up works like this. The time starts from the top again if you use this power up.


Another power up idea: “Are you sure?” It works like this: if the player picks the wrong answer, there will be a sign saying: “ARE YOU SURE?” and if the player replies yes, the answer is wrong but if the player chooses no, he will have a second chance.


Classroom Raid : Gives an explaination that helps you with the question.


I know an idea for the seasonal powerup at easter. It is a powerup in which only happens on easter being called the easter egg :egg:. It contains a more longer duration of the powerups such as powerplay now lasts for a minute, time freeze works for two questions, etc.


You guys should also have seasonal powerups that are only happening for a limited time on holidays. So a limited powerup only on christmas and etc.


Would be too overpowered and not be fair


I think a good power up idea would be powerups in which only it would be avaliable in a higher streak. For example, you already get powerups when your streak is yellow, but you should get new or more powerful powerups when you get a purple streak. The whole idea about this is it would encourage people to actually not try to guess to get regular powerups and actually start playing the game correctly to get better powerups. And finally another idea of mine is that some powerups like powerplay can be shared with your team on team mode which would also get excited for a lot more compatible for teams and just to self, as there is only powerup that does this.