Should themes be kept or only if you have the streak?

Its a little annoying how you need to keep on playing quizizz just to get a streak so themes can be kept. I think once you get the theme you should be able to keep it forever on your account. Very few people spend everyday on quizizz. Personally, I spend once every week on here just because of homework quizzes.


Yup it is very annoying
Once when I unlocked “touchdown” And i missed a day
I will go back to my journey of streaks from 1


I think that we should earn coins when winning a game or completing a game.
I think that with coins we should buy themes, new avatars, and power-ups.
I don’t think that we should keep a streak for a theme, I think we should buy themes!


Themes should be there to stay in your account!
But there should also be a special prize for people who keep a week-long streak
That way, people will be able to keep their themes


we do earn coins thou

themes stay but u need to get the strak again to unlock a new one

yeah, but i meant like it would be better if we bought things with the coins

@ALICIA_403 nice idea, i agree infinity%


YES! I make it to Flame Impala and miss a day. We should bring back the original themes too.

I liked the old themes, and I love the new ones. But I don’t spend everyday on here either. I liked it back when you could choose your theme.