Show redemption questions on game summary

I really like the redemption feature, but whenever I finish the game, I can’t see which questions I originally got wrong. It automatically marks them green as correct, even though I really didn’t get it right on the first try. I use Quizizz a lot to study for upcoming tests, so it would be nice to see what I missed.

Here’s my idea: if you get a question wrong and get a redemption, instead of marking it green, it turns yellow or orange on the game summary screen. It still counts it as correct in the final score, but you are still able to see what you got wrong the first time to study later.

Hopefully other people will want this feature as much as I do!


that is an awesome idea, i agree a lot. :+1:

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actually i realy like this idea so you know what to practice on


WOW!!! That is such a great idea, I agree that they should do this! That is a great way to know what you did wrong and study more on that particular area! :laughing:


This would be a really goo feature. ( My opinion )
I would like this because I would be able to review the question that I missed and I would be able to study that question without being confused on which question I missed without it just showing up as a correct answer and it still being green.

The best. :+1: :+1: I’m so on bourd with this!

Yes, I wish I had thought of this! I really needed this feature a few days ago. Great Idea