Teacher Option: "Dynamic Handicap"

When starting a Quiz, the teacher can select “Dynamic Handicap” as an option. If active, it levels the playing field based on accuracy.

For instance:

  • Peter is playing and gets 3 questions wrong in a row. The next question he gets right gives him 200% of the base points (so 600 * 200% = 1200) he would normally get.
  • The same works in reverse as well. Let’s say then Mary is playing, and she has 4 questions in a row. Each question now is decreased to 80% of its base value (so 600 * 80% = 480), to let the others catch up.

Problems this could cause:

  • Players might sandbag the first few questions to receive a head start later on, especially with certain power-ups. As a result, cap out the handicap bonus at something like 400%, and then decrease it as they get more questions right (or just reset it after one question.)
  • Players who get questions right over and over again just can’t keep up with the rest of the class. As a result, then perhaps introduce an accuracy bonus (mastery is worth an extra question correctly answered, perhaps?) or cap the question decrease at 75% (and do decreases by 5%, or a similar figure).

sounds cool!

I honestly think the second part is unfair. I would just have the first part and have it for just the kids who need it.


Maybe without the decrease points, but sure!

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