We need to make a list for quizizz to show how many plays a person has

and when i say list i mean like
when your looking for a quiz you could just press a quiz with 0-100 plays or 100-1000 and 1000-10000 plays you get because i have some really good quizizz and i want you to try them

  1. DC https://quizizz.com/join/quiz/5f0afc80775460001db88160/start?studentShare=true
  2. sonic https://quizizz.com/join/quiz/5e600742580372001b40c8cc/start?studentShare=true
  3. street fighter https://quizizz.com/join/quiz/5e6064f5f917fb001d933dda/start?studentShare=true
  4. X-men https://quizizz.com/join/quiz/5e6064f5f917fb001d933dda/start?studentShare=true
  5. Cartoon Network https://quizizz.com/join/quiz/5e83996a9ab573001b5121d8/start?studentShare=true and plz tell me if any of my quizizz need help or are somehow have a difficulty and tell me if you want me to add more questions to a quiz plz enjoy because theres a lot like me that probably have really good quizizz but they dont get to shine because they dont have a list so people could find these quizziz

Hey man great quizizz there really good keep up the good work.