What do you guys think about a PvP arena in quizziz?

What do you guys think about there being about a pvp arena? Randomly, there will be a little icon that says “PvP arena enabled, would you like to join?” And then you click on it, enter your nickname, and it will be like a normal quizziz except 1) the topic is random and 2) you will be competing against people all over the world. There will be no powers and there will be no music. The background will be the classic one. If you get in the top 10, you will get a new background for next arena battle. Top5, you get one Time freeze and two x2 powers for next battle. 3rd place and 2nd place, you get a complete set of one of each power for next arena battle. 1st place, you get custom background, 2 of each power, and double points for first 5 questions(each arena fight will be 20 questions) for next arena battle. What do you guys think?


yeah i like it good idea