Y'all making quizziz a game

i know it is already a game but some people are trying to make it like those action games or other kind without even knowing it, example lets put together every idea from power up to new themes and you get an online game that you can chat with people and gain power ups like some kind of fortnite 2.0 the creators are humans not cyborgs that have infinite energy that type like flash its hard to create a game than to play it you know so start from small don’t just be like hey they should add a power up that gives you everyones point and then you win NO that i just not fair so think little then big im not saying you should stop giving idea im saying you should be giving them breaks i hope the quiz team will see this and agree with me


that’s a good idea


I don’t agree, the points are used to create motivation.

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??? theres alot of words, and i dont get? but still i agree